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Ivaregga is located in a cultural landscape that                      stretches continuously from Ivaregga to beyond                              the church. The domiciliations in Gata and up by                              the church are built on terraces in the landscape,                            and the tight clusters of houses were founded                                  in connection with the operations of                                                  the smelting-house. This gives the area a distinctive                  stamp, and it is of *national value.

The history of Ivaregga goes back to the end of 1600s,                      when the site became cleared. It was for a long time                          a cottage allotment under Røros copper works.

The first settler´s name was Ole Hansen.


The photo is a cencus from 1801. Five persons are living on Ivaregga. The boss is Per Iversen, his title is "crofter with land". His wife Marit Mortensdatter is 51 years old, his mother Kari Estensdatter is 73 years. Ole and Guri are the staff.


The generations on Ivaregga:


A. Ole Hansen born around 1645.


B. Hans Olsen, his son, born approximately 1668.


C. Ole Hansen, (1702-1752), married Gjertrud Eriksdatter Røseplass in Tolga 28.10. 1735. He was a master builder.


D. Peder Andersen Jamt is the next generation. This is another family. He is married to Anne Olsdatter Tolgensli, and born around 1690 probably in Sweden. He dies around 40 years old.


E. Iver Pedersen Jamt, Anne and Peder's son, is born around 1726. He marries Kari Estensdatter Østgård from Dalsbygda 14.07.1752. He dies in

1798, Kari in 1818, 90 years old.


F. Peder Iversen is one of Kari and Iver's children, born around 1753, married to Marit Mortensdatter Storbækken 20.07.1780. There is no children in the marriage. 82 and 80 years old they die, in 1834 and 1830.


G. Sigrid Jonsdatter Øverby is a daughter of Peder's sister Kari, born 20.11.1796 in Tylldalen.

She marries Ole Olsen Olsgård ( 1786-1848).


H. Peder Olsen Eggen, Sigrid and Ole's son, born in 1822, has the farm from 1848-1851, when he leaves for America.


I. Ole Olsen Eggen (1824-1893), married Marit Toresdatter Døljogård 6th of june 1865. The marriage was without children. Marit died 17.04.1914.


J. Peder Olsen Døljogård (1863-1956) was Marit's nephew. He is a bachelor, and Kjerstina Øverland is his house-keeper. She has two sons, Bjarne and Leif.


K. Bjarne Øverland (1903-1974), married to Synnøve Gulbrandsen, took over Ivaregga in 1953.


L. The state. Bjarne Øverland sold Ivaregga to the state in 1975.


M. From 1978 Tolga municipality was the owner.


N. Rønnaug Storrusten bought the yard on the farm in 1998. The farm is splitted and sold. Tolga municipality has sports facilities on the grounds of the farm.



*Per Hvamstad 30.04.2004 Thanks to Marie Tollan for info about the families on Ivaregga. 

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